available daily till 11:30am

Bacon n Egg on Brioche
Boars head bacon with scrambled egg, spinach & provolone on a toasted brioche bun.

Ham n Egg on Brioche
Boars head thick cut ham with scrambled egg, spinach, provolone and pineapple dijon oon a toasted brioche bun.

Bacon Hash Stubby
Boars head bacon, housemade hashbrown, scrambled egg, provolone & sriracha sauce on a toasted 3 inch focaccia square.

Italian Breakfast Stubby
Arugula, red peppers, provolone, scrambled egg & basil pesto spread on a toasted 3 inch focaccia square.

Avocado Toast
Texas toast with avocado spread, boars head bacon bits, cherry tomatoes & a scrambled egg.

Overnight Oats by Mush | grab n go
Variety of flavors available.

Wood Fired Pizza

be simple

Margherita Pizza
Fresh mozzarella, sea salt, Parmesan, fresh basil, and E.V.O.O.

Three Cheese Pizza
Red sauce base with shaved parmesan & blend of provolone & mozzarella.

Meat Lovers Pizza
Red Sauce base w/ Housemade sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon & fresh mozzarella.

Beef n Hot Giardiniera Pizza
Red sauce base with fresh mozzarella, sliced italian roast beef & hot giardiniera.

Prosciutto n Arugula Pizza
Red sauce base with fresh mozzarella, topped with arugula, prosciutto di parma, shaved parmesan & extra virgin olive oil.

be different

BBQ Chicken Pizza (new build)
Barbecue sauce base with fresh mozzarella, chopped grilled chicken & red onions.

NEW! Mediterranean Pizza
Zesty hummus base with black olives, zucchini, red & green peppers, roasted tomatoes, arugula & provolone.

NEW! Chicken Sriracha Pizza
Sriracha base with grilled chicken, green & red peppers, red onions, & mozzarella, topped with ranch & sriracha.

NEW! Bacon’d Potato Pizza
Spinach ricotta base with fresh mozzarella, bacon & thinly sliced seasoned potatoes.

NEW! Italiano Piccante Pizza (limited time)
Spicy aioli base with Sopressata, tomatos & provolone, topped with capicola & basil.

Pesto Burrata Pizza (dine-in only)
Basil pesto base with shaved parmesan & roasted tomatoes, topped with burrata.

be yourself

Pick a base:
red sauce (has cheese)  |  basil pesto
bbq sauce  |  hummus
spicy aioli  |  spinach ricotta
fig jam  |  pasta sauce (no cheese)

Pick a cheese:
fresh mozzarella  |  provolone
mozzarella  |  shaved parmesan

Pick a protein:
sausage  |  pepperoni
chicken  |  beef
bacon  |  ham
prosciutto  |  capicola

Pick a non-protein
mushrooms  |  red onions
green peppers  |  red peppers
black olives  |  roasted tomatoes
spinach  |  zucchini
arugula | potatoes

Stubbies n Paninis

Grilled Chicken Stubby
Seasoned grilled chicken with mozzarella, red onions, tomatoes, spinach & ranch on a wood fired 3-inch focaccia square. (single or double)

Turkey Stubby
Sliced Boars head turkey with provolone, red onions, tomatoes, spinach, honey mustard & housemade aioli on a wood fired 3-inch focaccia square.
single | double

Italian Stubby
Sliced Boars head capicola, peppperoni & salami with provolone, red onions, tomatoes, spinach, oil, vinegar & housemade aioli on a wood fired 3-inch focaccia square.
single | double

Meatball Stubby
Housemade meatball with mozzarella & marinara sauce on a wood fired 3-inch focaccia square.
single | double

Beef Stubby
Roast beef with mozzarella & hot giardiniera on a wood fired 3-inch focaccia square.
single | double

Veggie Panini
Thinly sliced zucchini, red peppers, red onions, arugula, tomatoes & mozzarella with hummus spread & avocado on wood fired panini bread.

Big Kid Grilled Cheese Panini
Spinach ricotta spread with mozzarella & provolone on a wood fired panini bread.

Starters n Salads

Apple Salad
Spring mix, sliced gala apples, carmelized walnuts, fresh mozzarella, red onions & balsamic vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad
Chopped romaine, shaved parmesan & housemade croutons with house caesar dressing.

Burrata Crostini
Burrata (creamy mozzarella), injected with basil pesto, along with fig jam, arugula, roasted tomatoes, prosciutto di parma & slices of crostini bread.

Mini Meatballs
Six housemade mini meatballs w/ marinara.

Pico Pie
Our housemade dough, stuffed with mozzarella & topped with garlic butter. Comes with side of marinara.

Stix (6)
Garlic buttered dough strips. Comes with side of marinara.

Pasta (dinner service only)

Pasta Rosa
Penne with a creamy pasta sauce & cherry tomatoes.

Chicken Alfredo
Penne with an alfredo sauce & seasoned grilled chicken.


Coffee n Tea

Armour Roast Hot Coffee
Lighter, less acidic roast. 12oz, 16oz.

Original Roast Hot Coffee
Darker, more acidic roast. 12oz, 16oz.

Iced Coffee
Using Armour blend, cold brewed for 12 hours. 16oz, 20oz.


Hot Latte
12oz, 16oz.

Iced Latte
16oz, 20oz

specialty lattes

Hot Chai Latte
Made in-house using Masala Chai courtesy of Adagio Teas. 12oz, 16oz.

Iced Chai Latte
Made in-house using Masala Chai courtesy of Adagio Teas. 16oz, 20oz.

Hot Matcha Latte
12oz, 16oz.

Iced Matcha Latte
16oz, 20oz.


Hot Tea
Black (earl grey), chamomile (foxtrot), hibiscus (fruit medley), green (citron green, gunpowder), Chai (masala chai). 12oz, 16oz.

Iced Tea
Black, hibiscus, citron green. 16oz, 20oz.


Red Line
Strawberries, beets, dates, OJ.

Green Line
Spinach, grapes, pineapples, banana, orange juice, chia seeds.

Pink Line
Strawberries, bananas, yogurt, milk.

Brown Line
Nutella, peanut butter, banana, milk.

Yellow Line
Pineapples, mangos, banana, coconut water, milk, flax seeds.

Orange Line
Navel orange, peaches, mangos, vanilla, soy milk.

Purple Line
Pomegranate juice, blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, hemp seeds.

Beer n Wine



Aperitif Pilsner
Moody Tongue | Chicago

Corona Light

Zombie Dust
3 Floyds Brewery | Indiana

Two Hearted Ale
Bells Brewery | Michigan

Stella Artois


Jungle Boogie
Marz Brewing | Chicago

Lemonade Shandy
312 | Chicago

Modelo Especial

Rose Cider
Virtue Cider | Michigan

Black Cherry Hard Seltzer
White Claw

on tap

Aperitif Pilsner
Pilsner | Moody Tongue | Chicago

Lost Palate
Hazy IPA | Goose Island | Chicago

Daisy Cutter
Pale Ale | Half Acre | Chicago


$9/glass | $24/bottle

White | Bellafina

White | Ryan Patrick

Pinot Grigio
White | Il Conti

White | Vigneto

Sauvignon Blanc
White | Dipinti

Ryan Patrick

Red | La Fiera

Red | Capranera Aglianico

Red | Andeluna 1300