About Us

We are a wood fired restaurant located on the south side of Chicago, serving wood fired pizzas & sandwiches, along with salads, beer, wine and more. Connected with The Red Line Cafe, we proudly serve their coffee, smoothies and gelato.


  • This place is absolutely amazing! I dont think they get enough recognition but they should. Their pizzas are always cooked to perfection: perfect crust, perfect sauce. All their ingredients are fresh and homemade.

    Yvette M. (GOOGLE)

  • Great pizza! Apple salaad was awesome. Service was great! This is a “Must Try” Bridgeport pizzeria.

    Jennifer H. (YELP)

  • I’ve been to this place a couple of times now.  Well, more than that if you count just getting coffee at the place next door.  They are actually the same business (or at least owned the same – whatever).  Anyway, the point is that the food here is really good.  The pizzas are good for one person if you are reasonably hungry, and two if you’re just looking for a snack.  And man, the pizzas are good.  Thin crust, great quality ingredients and wood-fired to boot.  The service is quick and the staff is amazingly friendly and helpful.

    Robert B. (YELP)